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Author, Chief Accelerator, "Become an Accelerator Leader", Former President and CEO of Enactus

Dr. Alvin Rohrs is widely recognized as a leading expert on entrepreneurship, social impact, free enterprise, and acceleration leadership. A powerful speaker and captivating storyteller, he draws on his wealth of high-level global connections and real-world experiences to bring leadership lessons to life.

He has spoken at business, academic, and youth conferences worldwide and has testified at U.S. Congressional hearings on financial literacy and student entrepreneurship.

For more than 30 years, Dr. Rohrs served as the architect of growth for Enactus, one of the world's leading educational nonprofits that has activated more than 800,000 students 1,700 universities in 36 countries to make sustainable entrepreneurial change, helping more than 18 million people improve their livelihoods. He has collaborated with C-Suite leaders from more than 500 of the world's leading companies, including American Greetings, Bic, Campbell's, The Coca-Cola Company, Hallmark, The Hershey Company, KPMG, Newell Rubbermaid, PepsiCo, Rich Products, Unilever, Walgreen's and Walmart.

Dr. Rohrs has appeared in Entrepreneur, Forbes, Fortune, Time magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. He earned a Juris Doctorate at the University of Missouri Columbia School of Law, a bachelor's degree in business from Southwest Baptist University, and was awarded an honorary doctorate in Business from SBU. He and his wife live in Missouri and have two grown children.

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