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CEO, Metrolina Greenhouses

Art VanWingerden is Co-CEO and Co-Owner of Metrolina Greenhouses, a family owned operation with facilities in Huntersville, NC, and York, SC. Art and his 3 brothers run the day to day to operations of the facility. VanWingerden takes an active role in designing new automation equipment and technology, working closely with equipment manufacturers to develop solutions. Many of these technologies have been implemented not only at Metrolina’s vast facilities, which total 7.5 million square feet of environmentally controlled greenhouse space, but also in greenhouse operations throughout the country. He also devotes time to visiting Metrolina’s vast network of contract growers, ensuring that top quality product is delivered to the company’s customers. Metrolina has over 50 contract growers that produce high quality product that goes into over 1000 different retail locations within a 700 mile shipping circle of Huntersville NC.

Art has been married to his wife, Kelly, for 32 years. They have 4 sons, Eric (26), Grant (24), Paul (22) and Sam (20). They are very active in their local church, Christ Community Church, and Art serves on a few local boards for different charities. When not working, Art enjoys hanging out with his boys, woodworking and playing basketball.

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