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Counter Terrorism Specialist

Steve was born in Johannesburg, South Africa to a traditional Jewish family. He majored in Accountancy and Industrial Psychology, while interning at an accounting firm. During this time, he joined a communal counter-terrorism reaction unit and was part of the protective detail for the Chief Rabbi of South Africa. Steve then became the head co-coordinator for the Department of Informal Jewish Education (DIJE).

At the age of 22 he joined the religious Hesder program, which combines advanced Talmudic studies and military service in the Israel Defense Forces. He served in the Golani infantry unit, Battalion 13 - specializing in sub-machine gun and received an award for ‘soldier of excellence’.

In 2002, he married his wife, Natalie in Jerusalem, and the couple moved to Sydney, Australia for 5 years where he worked as the emissary for a premier religious Zionist youth movement.  He completed his training as a combat Instructor, specializing in counter-terrorism, and is now responsible for training military units through the Central command of the Jewish settlements in the West Bank. He currently serves as a soldier on a counter-terrorist unit while completing his Rabbinical studies. In addition, he is one of the directors of a special needs program.  

Steve and Natalie have 5 children and live in an Israeli settlement in the Judean Hills region of the West Bank south of Jerusalem.


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